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The importance of the Vision 2030 cannot be overstated, more so as we enter this very momentous era of change and transformation. Let me emphasis again that the overarching goal of Kenya Vision 2030 is to transform the country into “a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life for its citizens”
by the year 2030. This goal entails three main dimensions; Global Competitiveness, National Prosperity and a High Quality of Life.
Based on this perspective, mandate and goals, I am therefore encouraged that Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat through the support extended by the government of Kenya has overseen gains in the social, political and economic pillars under the implementation of The Vision 2030: First Medium Term Plan (2008-2012) with priority areas outlined herein will be achieved ahead of schedule.
As we head into the implementation of The Vision 2030: Second Medium Term Plan(2013-2017), our greatest challenge as a coordinating agency is to guard these positive gains that have been realized on these fronts while clarifying the roles of multi-sectoral stakeholders in attainment of the second strategic plan.
The priority for the Government alongside the Secretariat in the period 2013-2017 is to spearheaded efforts to align priorities of the Kenya Vision 2030 in relation to the constitution. This Compliance with the Constitution would guarantee an enabling environment for the progressive realization of the economic and social rights for
all Kenyans as provided in Article 43 of the Constitution. The significant issues and challenges under The Vision 2030:
Second Medium Term Plan (2013-2017) include the creation of more employment opportunities for the youth who still comprise of the largest constituent of the Kenya’s productive labor force and yet the largest pool of the unemployed, the attainment of gender balance in our national programs as well as introducing measures aimed at bringing more equitable development in all regional of our county is another key objective of the plan.
The intermediate interventions are a focus on the agenda that prioritizes on implementation and achievements of second Medium Term Plans of the Vision 2030.

Mugo Kibati,
Director General,
Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat


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